The Advantages of Our Skid Steer Drill Attachment

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

One of the benefits of being a company of experienced drilling equipment operators is that we understand the challenges of all types of drilling projects. We also know what is like to have to use equipment that isn't intuitive to operate and that doesn't do the job you need it to perform.

With our WORD Rock Drills skid steer drill attachment, we have taken all of our experience in the drilling industry and combined it with feedback, suggestions, and information from our clients and customers. This has allowed us to continually refine our drill attachments until they offer the drilling ability, versatility, and features that our customers want and need for their drilling needs.

Compact Size

For limited access drilling requirements, our skid steer drill attachment offers a streamlined, compact design without any compromise on power or drilling ability. These percussion or rotary drifters can be used to drill vertically or horizontally in small spaces, providing the optimal configuration in equipment for any type of use.


We understand the benefits of being able to configure the equipment to the job and not trying to do a job with equipment that isn't a match. To address this issue, our skid steer drill attachment can be accessed from both the left and the right side, making drilling in any location a breeze.


One of the biggest complaints we have heard is that the controls for many of the other drill attachments on the market are challenging to place in the skid steer and are often complicated to use for those familiar with the more modern control options.

At WORD Rock Drills, we have developed our joystick control that is optional with any of our drill attachments. It is easy to install on any type of skid steer and provides intuitive, easy control of the drill for effortless operation.