Beretta T-46 - Limited Access Drill

Berreta T46
Berreta T46
Model / Part #: T46
Manufacturer: Beretta
Year: New
  • Anchoring, Augering, Drilling, Micro Piling
Condition: New
Drifter type: Rotary

The T46 hydraulic drilling machine is the natural development of the T45.

While in fact featuring the same degree of reliability and sturdiness, the T46 achieves excellent performances thanks to the carriage with adjustable opening, the special tilting system and the range of different rotary drill heads can be fitted.

All our machines are designed and built in conformity with Machine Directive 2006/42 EEC and subsequent amendments. Furthermore, during the design stage, we have focused special attention on safety, respect for the environment and ergonomics. Our quality system is certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.


Watch the T-46 video below!