M125 Hydraulic Rotary Head

M125 Drifter
M125 Hydraulic Drifter
Model / Part #: M125
Manufacturer: Rineer
Year: New
  • Anchoring, Augering, Blasting, Fencing, Geothermal Drilling, Large Hole Rock Drilling, Micro Piling, Mining, Mud Rotary, Soil Nailing
Condition: Excellent
Drifter type: Rotary

Have You Considered a Hydraulic Rotary Drill Head?

A multi-purpose, versatile piece of equipment that can be a real asset for a wide range of different applications, this rotary head offers the following features:

  • 60 - 250 CID capacity
  • Up to 14,400 ft/lb (20,000 Nm) torque capacity
  • Through shaft flushing eliminates front-end swivel and gains drill travel
  • 10 hydraulic entrance points give immediate torque and smooth operation
  • Immediate torque produces favorable un-threading capability
  • High technology seals for long life and low maintenance
  • Light-weight compared to competitors in equal torque range
  • Four Port, 2-Speed drill motor option available

A Rotary Drill Head That Can Be Used for Almost Everything!

One of the major advantages of opting for this drill head is its versatility. Suitable for working in a wide range of mediums and in many different environments, this drill head is suitable for more generic use as well as specialist applications. Some of the ways in which this drill can be used include anchoring, auguring, blasting, fencing, geothermal drilling, large hole rock drilling, micro piling, mining, mud rotary and soil nailing.

Product Specifications for M-125 Rotary Head

  • Hole size: 4"- 18"
  • Type of Drilling: DTH, Auger, Rotary
  • Flushing: Air/Water/Mud
  • CFM Required: 185 - 2500
  • Hydraulic Flow: 0 - 165 gpm
  • Hydraulic Pressure: 2k-4k

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Documents and Downloads

PDF icon M125 Brochure 6.15 MB
PDF icon M125 Repair Manual 11.27 MB
PDF icon M125 Parts Book 63.83 KB