WORD Rock History

Who We Are






WORD Rock Drills was founded on service to our Lord, our Customers, and our People. Through our beliefs and culture we are able to better serve our customers, building our team to embody the following core values.

Growing Into The Next Generation

Date: January 2019

Clayton & Paige Durham purchased the family business from her parents. Doubling the size of their team in one year and shipping just over 70 drills, the predictor of the impact that WORD Rock Drills aims to have on its team and valued customers starts to emerge.

Time For Expansion

November 2016

Word expands its operation from assembling drills in a two car garage to an 8,000 sq.ft. production facility. This expansion will allow Word to produce just over 40 drills in 2017!

From Patterson To Durham

June 2013

Paige changes her last name as Clayton Durham joins the family and the business. He is also joined by Charlie Patterson, who was discharged from the US Army and came home ready to contribute his mechanical knowledge and experience to the family business.

Crossing Generations

April of 2011

John’s oldest children, Alex and Paige Patterson, join the family business. Alex is a revered US Army combat veteran whose tenacity led him to run drill production and assembly single-handedly, totaling 6 drills in 2011. Paige’s bilingual skills help catapult the success of Word, improving and enhancing office and international relationships.

From Parts To Machines

March 2009

Having started out primarily selling parts, our first (successful) drill is commissioned for fencing work in Texas. Learning early that beauty is refined through fire, Word withstood the many tests and trials of designing a new drilling solution for the industry.

Planting New Roots

August 2006

Word sets out on an adventure to find a new home in North Carolina! A little Southern hospitality and a whole lot of Jesus helped Word take root and begin to blossom into more than a parts business.


March 2006

Word International, Inc. was founded in Colorado by John & Lisa Patterson. Primarily beginning as a parts business, John’s 25 years of industry knowledge helped us realize that guiding our customers’ success should be the heart of the organization.

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