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  • Free Rock Drill Coloring Pages to Pass the Time
    Grab your free coloring page below and GET CREATIVE! We will have a new coloring page each month so be sure to check back in to make sure you don’t miss anything! October 2021 August 2021 June 2021 April 2021 March 2021 February 2021 January 2021 December 2020 October 2020 […]
  • Off to the Races
    IFCEE 2021: The Most Anticipated Drilling Trade Show in 2021
  • A Season of Giving
    WORD Rock Drills 3rd Annual Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Party!
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    FAQ’s about WORD Rock Drills: Will a WORD Rock Drills work for my project? Will I need to hire and experienced driller to operate my WORD Rock Drill? Find the answers to these questions and MORE!
  • The Multi-Tool
    Get to know the drill that does MORE!
  • Tips for Getting Started with your WORD Drilling Attachment
    7 Things You Want to Have On-Hand when Hooking Up Your WORD Drilling Attachment
  • Tips for Construction Opening Post COVID-19
    4 Things for Construction Companies to Consider as the U.S. Makes its Way through the Re-Opening Phases 1. What will the New Normal Look Like Like any major event, the “normal” we enter into as the U.S. moves through the re-opening phases will not be the same “normal” that we […]
  • On The Job Versatility: Crane Drilling
    Limited Access?? Maybe Crane Drilling Will Do It?
  • Equipment Maintenance: Maximize Down-time
    7 Ways to Maintain your Drilling Equipment Between Jobs 1. Grease Your drill has many grease points that prevent early wear and allow your machine to run smoothly. Regular greasing is important to maintain the machine during use. Sometimes, when your drill is doing work on the job site, common […]
  • 3 New Things for WORD at ConExpo 2020
    Let’s be honest. ConExpo 2020 was something none of us expected. Between the rain, coronavirus, and a shortened show; this years ConExpo was not lacking in drama. However, despite the strange circumstances of the show this year, there was an amazing turnout! The smaller number of attendees actually turned out to […]
  • ConExpo 2020; A Great Show for Small Businesses
    The excitement for ConExpo is something that builds for months. There are ads in every construction magazine for “Big Reveals” and exciting activities that keep the event buzzing. Leading up to the 2020 ConExpo was no different, everyone was excited, ready to show off new products and booths. Things played […]
  • Making a Way for Easier Limited Access Drilling
    You’ve got to get the job done! You’ve beaten the competition and the contract is yours but now its time for logistics. Limited access drilling it tricky. Are you trying to get a drill rig through a doorway? Down some stairs? Helicoptered onto a remote location? Struggling with accessibility in […]
  • Foundation Drilling News
    We were featured in Foundation Drilling. Read the article to learn more.

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