Owner & CEO
Paige Patterson
Project Consultant, Sales
John Patterson
Caring Coordinator
Lisa Patterson
Director of Product Development
Ron Sockwell
Director of Operations
Adam Chrisco
Marketing Manager
Mikayla Smith
Production Assistant & Rental Service Technician
Andy Hill
Reid Sockwell
Accounting Manager
Russell Sockwell
Asset Management & Fullfillment
Alex Willard
Sales Administrator
Donna Sockwell
Taylor Shaw
Assembly Technician
Zach Clapp
Shipping & Receiving
Hannah Fuqua
Assembly Technician
TJ Davis
Assembly Technician
Bryan Stanfield
Service Manager
George Novotny
Assembly Technician
Lee Hughes
Assembly Technician
Logan Fagg
Assembly Technician
Dustin Fenescey
Product Design Specialist
Alex Patterson
Marketing Admin
Jennifer Patterson
Rental Technician
Al Whitlow
Service Technician
Jeff Krayenvenger

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