Russell Sockwell

Accounting Manager

Often called our “Accounting Guru” for his accounting wisdom and hippy ponytail, Russell was actually the first Sockwell to work at WORD when he took the company on as a client during his days as a small business accountant. He has since returned to WORD after a 10-year stint in Charleston, SC with his wife, Donna and their daughter and son-in-law. In pursuit of their retirement dream to travel the United States, Russell and Donna became full-time RV’ers two and a half years ago and, since moving back to NC, have set up a custom RV spot in their sons’ yard as “home base”. Now living life with 4 grandchildren next door, Russel and Donna spend many nights chilling out on the deck with music, conversation, and a few beers. Oh, and picking up all the toys out of the yard when the day is done!

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