Donna Sockwell

Sales Administrator

The champion of our CRM, Donna took Process by the reins and has helped our sales team soar to new heights in efficiency. Starting at WORD in the later months of 2020, Donna came to lend a helping hand with end-of-the-year customer follow-ups and shipping out our 2020 WORD Rock Tour VIP Boxes. During those months Donna spent reaching out to customers, we discovered that she was just the person we needed to help our sales team provide top-tier customer service! Now fully immersed in the sales team, like many team members at WORD, Donna now has many “hats” including sales administration, domestic and international freight coordination, and CRM management. As full-time RVers, when she isn’t at the office, Donna and her husband Russell (another familiar face you might recognize at WORD) spend time at the RV “compound” they built next to their sons’ home waiting for the day they can hit the road long term.

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