DTH Auger Drive Kit

A leading manufacturer of rock drilling attachments, WORD Rock Drills provides a variety of drilling solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. Offering drill attachment options for both skid steers and excavators, the below auger kit option offers a popular drilling alternative for shallow hole applications.

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  • Attaches to Your Existing Skid Steer or Excavator Rotary Auger Drive Dangle Unit
  • Ideal for 2 -7/8″ to 6″ Diameter Holes, Up to 5′ Depth
  • Custom Packages to Adapt to Your Current Equipment
  • Options Available for Special Applications and Depths

Package Options

  • Air Swivel
  • 2.5″, 3.5″, or 4″ DTH Hammer
  • Shock Sub
  • Rock Drill Bit
  • 1.5″ ID Air Hose

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