Skid Steer Attachment

Built to fit any standard skid steer model, the WORD Skid Steer Attachment offers solutions for a variety of rock drilling applications. With a devotion to quality and timely delivery, WORD Rock Drills is dedicated to delivering your perfect machine when and where you need it. We strive to deliver our attachments to the necessity of our customer while maintaining the quality of our product, allowing us to ship certain products as soon as the next day! All in-stock WORD Drilling Attachments are delivered within 4 WEEKS! Designed with a unique level of versatility unlike anything else in the rock drilling industry, WORD Drills are manufactured to support our customers with interchangeable drifters. This feature gives one machine the capability to serve multiple jobsite requirements without the need to purchase an entirely new piece of equipment.

Skid Steer MO37 20 CID Solar Rock Drill

Skid Steer Attachment Key Features:

  • 2 Side Drilling Accessibility
  • 110 Degrees of Movement from Horizontal to Vertical
  • Variety of Feed Lengths Available
  • Optional Radio Remote Control Available
  • Interchangeable Drifters
  • Utilizes hydraulic auxiliary of skid steer

Each Drill Purchase Includes:

  • On-Site Installation
  • Drill Training and Certification
  • Responsive Over the Phone Support


Soil Nailing, Hollow Bar Installation, Compaction Grouting, Blasting, Dewatering, Anchoring, Fencing, Solar Installation, Augering, Drilling, Tiebacks, and Micropiles

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