A Deeper Dive into our Team Benefits

You’ve been told about the various team benefits at WORD but you want to know a little more about what these benefits look like in practice. Here is a breakdown of the benefits you receive at WORD and what it actually means!

9/80 Schedule

One benefit that sometimes needs a little more explanation is our 9/80 schedule. This schedule was born from our desire to give our team a little more work-life balance while still providing the best service to our customers. By implementing a 9/80 schedule our team can take every other Friday off (in alternating groups), while still working 80 hrs throughout a pay period. But how does it work? Well, by coming in at 7:30 am and taking a 30-minute lunch rather than an hour, you create an additional 8 working hours over the course of a 2-week period, and “voila!” you have a 3-day weekend every other week! Many of our team members take advantage of this day off to run errands, go to doctor’s appointments, or do other activities that they might otherwise have to take PTO hours to accomplish. If an occasion comes up that you need to take personal time on an alternative day of the week, this extra day also gives you a little more flexibility with your time.      

Free Lunch

At both our office and shop locations, we keep a fully stocked kitchen so that there is always something on hand whenever lunch and snack time roll around. Add your go-to items to the grocery list every other week and you never have to worry about packing your lunch while rushing out the door before work ever again!

Meat Lottery

Meat lottery? What the heck is a meat lottery?

Although it sounds odd (and just a little unappealing), “Meat Lottery” is the popular name for an occasion that happens around every 6 months at WORD. On these special occasions, the WORD team is gifted with the delivery of a whole cow to be spit amongst everyone! With every cut of the cow on the table (literally), an order is selected and everyone gets to pick their cut of choice to take home with them. Something that started as a simple way to help out a local farmer, has become an exciting tradition that the team looks forward to throughout the year.    

Monthly Educational Active Team Building Opportunities 

Activities our team can really sink their teeth into, EAT up the opportunities with our monthly Educational Active Team-building (EAT) outings. These monthly outings have included volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, Team golf lessons, an afternoon at the lake, and painting class. All fun and educational team-building activities to add a little change of pace to the month and give you the opportunity to learn a new skill or serve the community. 

Chaplain Services

As a faith-based company, we offer Chaplain Services to our team so that they have a familiar face, unattached to their daily life, that they can chat with if they ever need to. Our current chaplain, Greg, visits weekly and takes the time to speak with everyone even if only for a few minutes. We encourage everyone to take the time to talk with Greg, even if it’s just about your plans for the upcoming weekend!

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