Installing solar ground mount systems becomes easy when you have a WORD Rock Drill in your equipment toolkit.

The Solar Industry is booming and one thing that we hear way too often is “how do I get these things in the ground”? When it comes to commercial and utility scale solar sites this big question of “how” can end up costing companies time and money. How do you get these racking systems into the ground when the “easy” soil has already been claimed? How do we move large scale solar into areas where soil conditions are inhospitable for traditional ground mount systems? And how do we do this without spending tons of time and money hiring subcontractors or tying up our large pile driving machines to pre-drill? Well, a WORD Rock Drills skid steer attachment might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

A common solution in many industries, rock drilling attachments are becoming a staple item in the toolkits of many solar developers and EPC’s as installation challenges become more prevalent. The solutions that once worked when faced with tough soil conditions such as subcontracting with drillers, predrilling through the capabilities of your production pile driver, or choosing to excavate each hole are becoming more costly and time consuming. Now a days, drilling subcontractors are challenging to find and even more challenging to get onsite when you need them, predrilling with the drilling capabilities of your production pile driver waste valuable production hours for that high value machine, and excavating each refusal hole is yet another waste of time and money. In these situations, rock drilling attachments are a thriving solution.

Tackling Tough Turf

The WORD Rock Drill skid steer drilling attachment is an easy to use rock drill that attaches to any skid steer that you have on hand. Functioning as a traditional rock drill, this attachment can be used to easily maneuver through a solar site to drill out refusal holes or predrill before installation begins. Many solar customers have seen the competitive advantage of owning their own drill simply from the convenience and efficiency it brings to their jobsite. With the capacity to break through rock in hole sizes up to 14″, the WORD SS series attachments only need a 2 man team to knock out any drilling you might need on your next job!

Innovation in Racking Installation

In addition to the efficiencies of having an onsite drilling unit ready to mobilize when you need it, the WORD SS series attachment can be configured to install helical anchors and ground screw racking/mounting systems. As a cost effective alternative to larger all in one machines, a skid steer attached unit provides a unique level of versatility through its ability to transition from traditional rock drilling to installation. Just like when drilling with this unit, using this machine is a 2 man operation easy for anyone on your crew to learn.

Growth in the solar industry has brough more interest for commercial and utility scale project than ever before seen in the industry. However, as more solar projects are installed, there becomes less and less hospitable land for these systems to be placed. Simultaneously, innovation in racking and mounting systems are challenging the use of traditional pile based methods. Rock drilling attachments offer the opportunity to increase the versatility of your organization not only by expanding your ability to install different systems, but by also giving you the tools to tackle tough soil conditions with ease.

WORD Rock Drills Skid Steer Attachment Installing Solar Ground Screw Mounting Systems

Did you know WORD Rock Drill is a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB)? Yes! We officially became a certified WOSB in early 2021 after seeing the value this certification could bring to our customers. Here are just a few of the ways your company can benefit from working with a Women Owned Small Business in the construction industry.

Here’s how you can benefit by purchasing from a Women Owned Small Business for your next construction project:

1) Promote Diversity in your Project

The call for diversity has exploded throughout recent years and it’s not just a fad. Many companies have devoted significant time and resources into establishing diversity among their internal workforce and within the companies they choose to partner with. Although its easy to think of diversity as a primarily internal issue, it can also play a major role in the interaction between companies within an industry. The case is no different within the construction industry! Working with a WOSB for your next construction project, whether its through contracting, sourcing, or manufacturing, increased the diversity of that project and your company.

2) Meet your Government Sponsored Incentives

At both the state and national level, the government plays a big role in the construction industry. Many construction contracts are government related through infrastructure, utility, or military scale projects. In these circumstances, the federal government often offers tax incentives to companies who choose to work with minorities and women-owned businesses. There can also be opportunities at the state level for tax incentives when working with a Certified Women Owned Small Business on your next project. Take a look at the offerings on your next government contract bid and see what opportunities are available to you simply by choosing to work with a WOSB!

3) The Certification makes it Official

What does it mean to work with a *Certified* Women Owned Small Business? That certification mean that over 51% of the company is owned by a women. It also means that the company went through all the processes and paperwork to be officially recognized and listed as a WOSB. This official recognition gives you the confidence and assurance that the company you are working with is legitimate.


WORD 2021 Top 10

1) Celebrated our 15 Year Anniversary

March 2021 marked a celebratory 15 years for WORD Rock Drills! To mark the occasion we held an office quinceanera and shared our favorite stories from over the years. One fun fact you might not have known about WORD, we built our first drill in a garage. We have since expanded to a larger shop facility down the road but that detached garage is currently where our office staff report for work each day.

2) Remodeled our Offices

The office team at WORD powered through during months of remodeling construction to expand our existing office space to better accommodate our growing team. Featuring a new open concept working area, designated break room, conference space, and shipping/receiving area, the updated space has brought a new level of efficiency to our office team!

3) Became a WOSB (Women-Owned Small Business)

Did you know that WORD Rock Drills is a Women-Owned Small Business? That’s rights, in 2021 WORD made it official! With our new status as WOSB we are hopeful to connect with customers in new areas of the construction industry. In addition, we are excited to engage in this new platform and spread awareness not only for WOSB organizations but also for the Women in Construction movement.

4) IFCEE 2021: Our Biggest Trade Show YET!

2021 was an exciting year for trade shows after many events took a hiatus for 2020 but IFCEE took the cake! Our biggest trade show yet, we displayed a variety of equipment and even had a mechanical bull in our booth space to bring a little Texas spirit. Connecting a wide range of drilling industry professionals, IFCEE was a great show to start up conversations with both current and new customers.

5) Hosted our First Hollow Bar School

In partnership with our friends at Intech Anchoring Systems, we took on the challenge of hosting our very own Hollow Bar school. Featuring an educational presentation on Intech hollow bar systems, Chemgrout mixers, and WORD drilling units in addition to outdoor training, this school was a big success. If you and your team would like updates on our 2022 school, be sure to register for our WORD Wednesday Newsletter for updates!

6) Grew Our Team

Our team grew tremendously during 2021 and we couldn’t be happier! From 15 in 2020 to now 19 at the end of 2021 we have added 4 new team members to our growing organization!

7) Increased Our Ministry Focus

We were blessed with many opportunities in 2021 to serve various ministries as a team. One of the most popular service projects was a day spent in Charlotte, NC volunteering at the Operation Christmas Child packing facility. Not only were we able to donate 200 shoeboxes as a team, but we were also able to help move those boxes towards their final destination by sorting and packing the larger shipments directly!

8) Improved Team Health

The WORD Rock Drills team kicked off 2021 with a new healthy lifestyle initiative that has made a huge impact throughout the company. Knowing that a healthy lifestyle can look different for each individual, WORD made a push to provide a variety of tools to our team to help them achieve the healthy lifestyle they desire. These tools included a new on-site gym, more robust healthcare coverage, a company weight loss program, and new standing desks for our offices. With the help of these tools and the support throughout our team, we have seen tremendous success in improving team health, collectively losing 270lbs between all participating members. It has been amazing to see our team bond through routine visits to the gym, challenging one another to stand at their new desks and drink 100oz of water daily, and motivating each other to think differently about food.

9) Celebrated our Team with WORD Weekend 2021

As 2021 came to a close, we took a long weekend trip to Tennessee as a team to celebrate a great year! Our team and their families joined in for a fun day at Dollywood along with a couple of site visits to locations in the area where our customers had worked. We are so grateful to our team and glad that we were able to provide this fun opportunity after a year of hard work!

10) Shipped a Record-Breaking Number of Drills

Totalling 73 units by the end of the year, our team of 19 shipped a record-breaking number of drills in 2021. To celebrate, we sent out our 3rd annual “Rock Tour” end-of-year t-shirt boxes to each of our drill customers. These annual boxes feature a different rock band-themed t-shirt each year with a rock drilling twist.

Grab your free coloring page below and GET CREATIVE! We will have a new coloring page each month so be sure to check back in to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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Off to the Races

IFCEE 2021: The Most Anticipated Drilling Trade Show in 2021

  • 74Days
  • 7Hours
  • 16Minutes
  • 41Seconds

The Countdown is ON!

The Excitement is building in this office and in offices throughout the foundation industry for IFCEE 2021! Although we’ve had a rocky start to 2021 there is hope on the horizon with the effective measures of continued COVID precautions and vaccine distribution to bring back a little normalcy. On our path back to normalcy, we are excited to get out and begin safely socializing once again at industry events. Starting with IFCEE 2021 in Dallas, TX this coming May.

So … what do we have up our sleeves for IFCEE??

1. The Container is BACK

The booth that was such a hit at CONEXPO 2020 will be back again! If you missed it at CONEXPO 2020 you definitely want to catch it this time around. Created from a repurposed shipping container this display was completely upcycled and outfitted with a second level observation desk, social area, and bar.

2. Bring on the Party

Safe socialization is a cause worth celebrating and it wouldn’t be a celebration without a LIVE Band! That’s right, we will have LIVE Music in our booth during the Outdoor Reception Thursday Evening of the show. This will be the premier performance of our rooftop shipping container stage and is sure to be a hit!

2. Something up our Sleeve

Number THREE is something special up our sleeve that we can’t wait to share with you! We are keeping this one a surprise so you’ll have to visit our booth and see for yourself!

Register TODAY!

We are Off to the Races with 2021 trade shows and the outlook for May looks better by the day.

At a little over two and a half months away, registration is now open and ready for you to secure your tickets! We hope to see you there!

Use the hashtag #AllinIFCEE2021 on social media and tag us to win FREE WORD Rock Drills Swag!!


A Season of Giving

Christmas is on it’s way early this year with WORD Rock Drills 3rd Annual Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Party!

Founded through faith

Every team member at WORD works throughout the year to be the best version of themselves, embodying the core values of the company. Being a servant to others, diligent, positive, humble, and a listener are values that each WORD employee treasures. So, as the holiday season approaches each year, the participation in Operation Christmas Child has become a great tradition in servitude.

Operation Christmas Child (OCC), an extension of the Samaritans Purse non-profit organization, is a program that sends gifts to children in need around the world. These gifts come in the form of shoeboxes stuffed with essentials such as washcloths, cups, soap, eating utensils and a WOW toy to bring a smile to these children’s faces. The best part, ALL of these boxes are donated by organizations and individuals across the U.S. in the spirit of giving.

This years goal …. 150 Boxes!!

With our goal in mind we set to it! Each team member brining in as many items as they could to fill the boxes. Monster trucks, baby dolls, coloring books, rubber balls … You name it! If it fit it shipped!

The packing party was a HUGE success! With the help of our team and their families, we all came together and pack our goal of 150 boxes. We even had toys leftover that were donated to another organization packing shoeboxes this year.

With our 3rd year of Operation Christmas Child a success this is a tradition we hope to carry into the future as an embodiment of our company core values during the holiday season!

FAQ’s about WORD Rock Drills

Will a WORD Rock Drill work on my project?

With over 30 years of combined experience in the rock drill industry, our sales team works diligently with each customer to ensure that the needs of their project are met. Each WORD customer receives an individualized consultation to make sure that the details of the project are accounted for. Centered on customer satisfaction, we will help find the best equipment for your job. If that equipment is not a WORD machine we are not too proud to admit it.

Will I need to hire an experienced driller to operate my WORD Rock Drill?

WORD Rock Drills are designed for drillers at all levels of experience. Additionally, installation and training is included with each WORD Drill purchase. This training ensures that your crew understands how to operate and maintain your new machine.  

Can WORD Drills attach to any Excavator or Skid Steer?

WORD Drilling attachments can be used with any excavator or skid steer. However, certain hydraulic flow requirements must me met for the attachment to run efficiently. As you discuss your job site needs with our sales team, they will talk you through the requirements of the machine. Talking through these things will help clarify what equipment you will need to support your drill. Want more information on WORD Drilling Attachments? Click HERE.  

What size hole can a WORD Drill accommodate?

WORD Drills can accommodate a range of hole sizes from 1” to 12” in diameter. These options are available through a variety of drilling heads that can be mounted to your attachment. During the consultation period with your WORD salesman, your salesman may ask not only about your current project but also about other types of drilling work you may encounter. Many of the drilling heads we offer can accommodate a range of hole sizes. Asking these questions will help your salesman determine which drilling head will best fit your current and future projects.  

If I need to drill a smaller/larger hole for another project will I have to purchase a completely new machine?

WORD Drills are designed to switch drilling heads between jobs so the customer can complete multiple types of work with one machine. Your WORD salesman will be able to help you figure out what options are available with you current machine. Check out all of the drilling head options WORD offers HERE.

How are WORD Drilling Attachments priced?

When you purchase your WORD Drilling machine the price is determined by three primary elements. This includes the type of attachment (Excavator or skid steer), the drilling head, and the accessories needed for the job. Each of these elements are determined primarily by the job site requirements such as hole size, hole depth, number of holes, feed rail length, and environmental concerns. You can use the “Price Your Drill Today” feature on our website to get an estimated cost based on your needs.    


The Multi-Tool

The Multi-Tool: Get a Drill that Does MORE

There is no denying that rock drilling machines are expensive. Stand alone machines in particular can cost a pretty penny, taking a chunk out of your budget and profits. Fortunately, Rock Drilling Attachments are another option out there that are more cost effective. As a bonus, Rock Drilling Attachments give you more flexibility, as you can easily take the attachment on and off your equipment as needed.

Although most Rock Drilling Attachments are more cost effective than a stand alone drilling machine, this industry has fallen into a pattern that inhibits its customers from reaching true versatility. A majority of rock drilling attachments are engineered to perform a specific type of work. And they perform this type of work well. However, your company does a variety of work and the specs that fit the job you purchased the drill for don’t do anything to help you on the next job.

So, what gives? Why can’t your rock drill do more? Why do you need a completely new machine for EVERY job?

Well … the WORD on the street is that you DON’T!

That’s right! You DON’T have to pay big bucks for a Rock Drilling Attachment that you can only use once in a blue moon! If you want a drilling attachment that will become a tool in your arsenal, rather than an ornament in your equipment yard, WORD is the way to go!

WORD Drilling Attachments are MADE for versatility. We like to call ourselves the multi-tool of the rock drilling industry because of this. WORD Drills are specifically designed to accommodate multiple drilling heads with a patent pending Quick Change Mount.

The Quick Change Motor Mount is a unique system of pins and hoses that allow you to quickly switch the motor on your drill. With this ability, you can switch the type of work you perform from one job to the next or even on the same job. Some customers have even told us that they can switch their motors in as little as 30 Minutes!

When you purchase a WORD Drill you aren’t just investing in the project in front of you, you are investing if the future of your company.

7 Things You Want to Have On-Hand when Hooking Up Your WORD Drilling Attachment

1) Wrenches

All WORD Drilling Attachments are tested before shipment and methodically checked to ensure all connections and fittings are secure, minimizing the potential for hydraulic leaks. However, during transportation it is not uncommon for things to shift and cause small hydraulic leaks when you first attach the machine. Keep the following list of wrenches on hand to quickly address any loose fittings:

  • 3/4 Wrench
  • 7/8 Wrench
  • 1 1/4 Wrench
  • 11/16 Wrench
  • Variety of Pipe Wrench Sizes

2) High Temp Grease

Your WORD Drilling machine has a variety of grease points that need attention before each use to best maintain the functionality of the drill. Use high temp grease before each shift that your drill is in use!

Grease Point Locations Include:

  • Front Sprocket
  • Doofor Gearbox
  • Super Swivel on Rineer Hydraulic Motor

3) Matching Quick Connects

WORD Drilling Attachments use quick connects to attach to your existing skid steer or excavator. The WORD Skid Steer unit comes with standard 1/2 and 3/4 connections. If the connections on your Skid Steer machine are different from the standard provided, it will be important for you to maintine the necessary connections before the day of installation. Having extra connection on hand will allow you to connect the machine easily once it arrives on site.

4) Electrical Connection

If you have a radio remote control with your WORD Drill then you will need to identify a source of power to charge the remote control unit. You will need to charge your radio remote periodically throughout use to maintain connection with the receiver. This source of power can be a 12 volt (cigarette lighter) plug-in or a standard US Type A or B 120 volt outlet. The Radio Control Kit you receive with your machine includes components for both types of charging ports. And, don’t worry! If your original charging cables are lost or damages, we keep replacements in-stock and ready to ship!

5) Rock Drill Oil

Rock Drill oil is an essential item for maintaining the productivity of your machine. We recommend a biodegradable rock drill oil for its environmentally friendly characteristics. Using biodegradable rock drill oil over regular rock drill oil will minimize the amount of harsh chemicals contaminating your job site.

6) Drip Tray

If your job site has particular environmental requirements, you will want to have a drip tray handy whenever you are connecting or disconnection your WORD Attachment. As a hydraulically powered machine, hydraulic oil can leak or spill whenever the connection are being adjusted. Having a drip tray on hand will help minimize the potential for hydraulic oil to cause a mess on your job site.  

7) Feed Rail Wearpads and Spacers

Your WORD Attachment is equipped with a variety of wearpads and spacers. These wearpads and spacers are strategically placed along the machine where constant movement create large amounts of friction. In placing these wearpads and spacers along the drill assembly, they protect key components of the machine that are costly to repair. Keeping additional wearpads and spacer on hand will ensure that these items are replaced promptly when they begin to show wear. Allowing you to avoid more costly repairs in the future.

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