For years, WORD Rock Drills has been at the forefront of providing high-quality rock drilling attachments to the fencing community. With a range of skid steer drilling options catering to various needs, WORD has been a trusted partner for fence installers nationwide. Recognizing a gap in the market and the evolving needs of our customers, we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the WORD DTH Auger Drive Kit.

Revolutionizing Rock Drilling for Fence Installers

Designed to address the specific challenges faced by fence installers dealing with tough soil conditions, the DTH Auger Drive Kit is a game-changer in the industry. This new kit allows for shallow hole drilling of up to 6 feet deep and 6 inches wide, empowering installers to take on more challenging projects with confidence.

Key Features and Benefits of the WORD DTH Auger Drive Kit

What sets the WORD DTH Auger Drive Kit apart is its user-friendly design and efficiency. Installers can now convert their existing Auger Drive Head into a powerful rock drill. This kit eliminates the need for subcontracting drilling services or costly excavation processes. This not only saves valuable time but also significantly reduces project costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

WORD Salesman, Reid Sockwell, has worked closely with fencing customers for many years and has seen several thrive with this new product line. “I had many customers who were unsure about investing in our standard skid steer attachment but needed a drilling solution. Traditional methods were costing them time and money, but they weren’t ready to make the leap to one of our larger attachments. The DTH Auger Drive Kit met them halfway, helping them win contracts and complete work quickly.” – Reid Sockwell

Versatility and Integration

One of the key advantages of this kit is its versatility. By incorporating a tool familiar to many fencing installers—the Auger Drive Head—WORD has created a solution that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows. Whether you’re working on residential fencing projects or commercial installations, this kit is engineered to meet your drilling needs efficiently and effectively. Adaptable to a range of auger drive heads from Digga, Pro-Dig, Eskridge, Eterra, Pengo, and more, the WORD Auger Drive Kit is a flexible solution to help fencing installers meet their goals.

Compact and Portable

The compact nature of the DTH Auger Drive Kit means it can be easily transported and maneuvered on-site. Unlike the WORD SS Series Drill Attachment used for larger commercial-scale fencing installations, the smaller footprint of the DTH Auger Drive Kit enhances maneuverability and overall productivity for smaller sites. With this tool in your fleet, you can take on challenging terrains and expand into new markets with confidence.

Commitment to Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

At WORD, we believe in not just meeting but exceeding our customers’ expectations. The development of the DTH Auger Drive Kit is a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We invite fence installers everywhere to experience the difference firsthand and revolutionize their rock drilling capabilities.

The WORD DTH Auger Drive Kit is not just a product; it’s a solution that empowers fence installers to overcome obstacles, save costs, and achieve greater efficiency in their operations. Discover the future of rock drilling with WORD Rock Drills today!

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Installing solar ground mount systems becomes easy when you have a WORD Rock Drill in your equipment toolkit.

The Solar Industry is booming and one thing that we hear way too often is “how do I get these things in the ground”? When it comes to commercial and utility scale solar sites this big question of “how” can end up costing companies time and money. How do you get these racking systems into the ground when the “easy” soil has already been claimed? How do we move large scale solar into areas where soil conditions are inhospitable for traditional ground mount systems? And how do we do this without spending tons of time and money hiring subcontractors or tying up our large pile driving machines to pre-drill? Well, a WORD Rock Drills skid steer attachment might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

A common solution in many industries, rock drilling attachments are becoming a staple item in the toolkits of many solar developers and EPC’s as installation challenges become more prevalent. The solutions that once worked when faced with tough soil conditions such as subcontracting with drillers, predrilling through the capabilities of your production pile driver, or choosing to excavate each hole are becoming more costly and time consuming. Now a days, drilling subcontractors are challenging to find and even more challenging to get onsite when you need them, predrilling with the drilling capabilities of your production pile driver waste valuable production hours for that high value machine, and excavating each refusal hole is yet another waste of time and money. In these situations, rock drilling attachments are a thriving solution.

Tackling Tough Turf

The WORD Rock Drill skid steer drilling attachment is an easy to use rock drill that attaches to any skid steer that you have on hand. Functioning as a traditional rock drill, this attachment can be used to easily maneuver through a solar site to drill out refusal holes or predrill before installation begins. Many solar customers have seen the competitive advantage of owning their own drill simply from the convenience and efficiency it brings to their jobsite. With the capacity to break through rock in hole sizes up to 14″, the WORD SS series attachments only need a 2 man team to knock out any drilling you might need on your next job!

Innovation in Racking Installation

In addition to the efficiencies of having an onsite drilling unit ready to mobilize when you need it, the WORD SS series attachment can be configured to install helical anchors and ground screw racking/mounting systems. As a cost effective alternative to larger all in one machines, a skid steer attached unit provides a unique level of versatility through its ability to transition from traditional rock drilling to installation. Just like when drilling with this unit, using this machine is a 2 man operation easy for anyone on your crew to learn.

Growth in the solar industry has brough more interest for commercial and utility scale project than ever before seen in the industry. However, as more solar projects are installed, there becomes less and less hospitable land for these systems to be placed. Simultaneously, innovation in racking and mounting systems are challenging the use of traditional pile based methods. Rock drilling attachments offer the opportunity to increase the versatility of your organization not only by expanding your ability to install different systems, but by also giving you the tools to tackle tough soil conditions with ease.

WORD Rock Drills Skid Steer Attachment Installing Solar Ground Screw Mounting Systems
Man Portable Drill , Measurements in Millimeters

You’ve got to get the job done! You’ve beaten the competition and the contract is yours but now its time for logistics. Limited access drilling it tricky. Are you trying to get a drill rig through a doorway? Down some stairs? Helicoptered onto a remote location? Struggling with accessibility in basements or parking garages?? Is your team overwhelmed trying to make this all happen??

We’ve got great news! WORD Rock Drills’ new Man Portable drill rig could be your solution.

1. Made to Be Moved

The Man Portable Drill was made to be moved easily and is exactly what you need for limited access drilling! Standing at 108 inches tall and 36.5 inches wide this drill rig is skinny enough to fit through a standard doorway, light enough to be maneuvered down stairways, and just the right height to fit in a standard basement or parking garage. Additionally, the light weight aluminum feed rail and wheels on the Man Portable allow it to be pushed by a single man or lifted by 2 men.

2. It Fits AND It Ships

Not every job site is conveniently located. Beyond having the capabilities to be easily moved while on the job site, the Man Portable Drill is also easy to transport! With a drill like this, you don’t need roads. This drill can even be delivered via helicopter if needed … AND it’s been done!

3. High Torque, Small Package

Manufactured with over 1,300 ft/lb of torques, you won’t lose any power with this rock drill! In addition, this drill has offers 3,000 lbs of pullback, a 60 weight chain, and the ability to add 1″-6″ clamp.

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